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At W.J. Beitler Co., we stay educated and current on industry trends to best serve our customers. In addition, we support and network with several industry associations that allow us to provide you with our award-winning service.

 Our Memberships

At Beitler, we understand that when we focus on improving ourselves and helping our industry, our customers will benefit. Below are some industry associations we support through our memberships and networking events.

American Trucking Associations

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) represents every sector of the trucking industry. They develop, advocate, and advance policies that promote highway safety, security, environmental sustainability, and profitability for the industry. 

ATA provides advice and tools to support its members. Learn more on their website.

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals’ (CSCMP) mission is to help supply chain management professionals throughout their careers. CSCMP helps professionals to connect with others, educate them, and help to develop themselves.

CSCMP provides certification and professional development. They conduct research to help add information to the supply chain theory and practice. Learn more on their website.

International Warehouse Logistics Association

The International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) provides its members with successful business strategies and promotes business ethics standards.

IWLA’s educational resources include content on warehousing and logistical costs, legal, sales, marketing, safety, technology information, and more. Learn more on their website.

Retail Industry Leaders Association

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) advances the retail industry through public policy, assisting with economic growth and sustainability developments, and member collaboration.

RILA brings its members together to grow and learn while helping to improve the retail industry. Learn more on their website.

Warehousing Education and Research Council

The Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) provides its members with logistics management and supply chain tools.

They provide educational events, performance metrics for benchmarking, practical research, expert insights, and networking. Learn more on their website.

Transportation Intermediaries Association

The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) provides leadership and guidance for third-party logistics (3PL) providers and professionals during their careers.

They help to advance professional standards and business practices in the 3PL industry. Learn more on their website.

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Association Memberships

We continue to stay educated and current on all industry changes to ensure we can best serve our customers.

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When you choose WJB services, you're helping lower your carbon footprint with our protocols.