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  • 1-24-2014 Beitler Thornburg Expansion


    • Beitler Expands Warehouse and Distribution Offerings with
      Additional Pittsburgh, PA Facility

      120,000 sq. ft. warehouse, former site of Noble Distribution East, in Pittsburgh’s
      Thornburg Industrial Park offers food-grade storage via rail and truck
      access. Expansion saves jobs while offering links to mainline rail service, I-79 and
      metropolitan Pittsburgh. 

      Pittsburgh, PA; January 24, 2014
      – W.J. Beitler Co. and Beitler Trucking Inc. have
      added 120,000 sq.ft. of rail- served warehouse space through their December 2013
      expansion to Thornburg Industrial Park in Crafton, PA. The location represents
      120,000 sq.ft. of food-grade storage space accessible via 24 truck doors and 12 railcar
      doors. The facility is served by the Pittsburgh & Ohio Central Railroad (a part of the
      Genesee and Wyoming short-line system,) which provides direct connections to both
      Norfolk Southern and CSX. The location also provides a convenient link between I-79
      and the metropolitan Pittsburgh region.
      “The Crafton facility was a win all the way around. We’ve saved the jobs of the former
      Noble Distribution East employees, improved service capability for the existing
      customers, and added some much needed warehouse space,” said Quentin Beitler,
      President of W.J. Beitler Co. “We anticipate the pace of our double-digit annual growth
      will continue. Expansion further diversifies our customer base to additional industries
      and gives warehouse customers an added option to use our dedicated truck fleet. Our
      expanded asset base, together with our growing 3PL services (Beitler Logistics), assure
      customers of superior, one-stop, custom tailored supply-chain solutions and services”.
      About W.J. Beitler Company
      With this expansion Beitler now operates 320,000 sqft of warehouse space at two
      Pittsburgh locations, safely handling and delivering a wide range of consumer goods,
      medical supplies and industrial raw materials. Included are food and beverages,
      packaged consumer merchandise, rail-borne forest products such as newsprint,
      construction and manufacturing supplies for heavy industry, medical inventory and
      pharmaceuticals, retail apparel and shoes. What separates the Beitler brand from other
      3PL’s is the know-how acquired over 97 years of customer-driven warehouse and truck
      service, a continuing commitment to safety and technology, and the flexibility needed to
      assure time-critical and customized delivery standards are consistently met.
      For details, contact Quentin Beitler at 412-771-4204 x115 or More information regarding the company can be found on and
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